Our Story
It all started when my husband (then fiancé) and I were about to get married; and I got, well...cold feet. Not the ones you're thinking of but, literally, cold feet. I was a New York City girl who had just moved to L.A. to be with my fiancé and his apartment was always freezing!

Night after night I would lay on the couch reading my wedding magazines. The more I pulled the blanket up to cover my neck and shoulders, the more my cold feet would pop out from the bottom of the blanket. “Let's just make you a blanket with a foot pocket to keep your feet warm and openings for your arms so that you can still hold your magazine,” he suggested. That's how The Nuddle® was born and how we began to create The Blanket with A Foot Pocket™.

So, the Nuddle® Blanket (Nap + Cuddle = Nuddle®) was designed to be the coziest blanket you'll ever own. Long enough to cover your body from your neck to your feet, the Nuddle® is an ultra-plush lounging blanket that has OPENINGS for your arms, an OUTER HAND POUCH and an exclusive FOOT POCKET at the bottom to keep your feet tucked in warm and cozy.

A wedding, a dog and two amazing children later, we're so proud of The Nuddle® and so thankful that you've found your way to our site. Here's to you napping, cuddling, reading, writing, snacking, chatting or doing whatever you love to do – and staying cozy year 'round!! We know you'll love your Nuddle® so Get Cozy Now!
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